Technology is a key enabler for the future of Life Sciences.

Emerging trends in Life Sciences are driving organizations to demonstrate greater value and take innovative approaches to address:

  • Pricing pressures
  • Cost optimization
  • Talent and skill misalignment
  • Supply chain complexity

These hurdles challenge organizations to improve their R&D productivity, reduce their costs, shift their focus from selling medicines to managing outcomes and more.

Technology continues to be a key enabler for the future of Life Sciences in the face of these challenges as companies move towards more collaborative business models and look to partner with organizations both inside and outside of the Life Sciences sector.

Yet failed technology implementations continue to risk overall investments.

  • 35%

    Organizations displaying no or low user adoption planning achieved only 35% ROI from a project.

  • 76%

    76% of end users have failing or suboptimal understanding of new systems.

  • 4X

    Inadequately trained users take up to 4x longer to become proficient & require up to 6x more support.

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