Eagle 360 for Veeva is a holistic, high-impact training solution designed to deliver productivity goals and maximize ROI on Veeva technology.

A diverse portfolio with the latest in technology innovation.

Our service portfolio aligns with our high impact training strategy to deliver tangible outcomes and meet variable demand.It includes the following service areas:

  • Current State Adoption Assessment
  • Learning Needs Analysis & Definition of Key Behaviors
  • Comprehensive Organizational Change Management Planning and Change Communication
  • Evaluation & Measurement
  • Coaching & Mobile-First-On-The-Job Learning
  • Full-service, Custom Curriculum Design & Immersive Learning Intervention Solutions
  • AI-Driven Role-Specific And Personalized Learning Journeys

Our engagement strategy is designed to deliver productivity goals.

Our engagement strategy is designed to deliver productivity goals by helping you:

  • View the technology ecosystem as a broad network of ecosystem technologies rather than a collection of technologies and applications.
  • Plan for change management not by assessing it in the context of a single application but in the context of all interdependent applications.
  • Shift the onboarding approach to focus on adapting ways of working that enhance productivity.
  • Measure learning effectiveness in terms of functionality usage and achievement of specific productivity targets.

A flexible and cost competitive team structure to meet variable demand.

Our team is strategically setup to meet your business needs.

  • Our engagements comprise of a mix of embedded roles that stay with you during the entire journey, and on-demand roles that support you as needed.

  • Success managers ensure you receive the targeted impact from your investment in the application.

  • A team of Veeva application experts who have a full view of your application landscape and interlinkages. These experts are also responsible for identifying areas of suboptimal usage.

Our adoption-focused methodology drives behavior changes.

We employ a strategy based on maximum adoption, and one that:

  • Ensures targeted business benefits by designing training and change plans with behavior-based outcomes in mind

  • Equips learners with the skills, tools, and beliefs to transform ways of working

  • Focuses on changing what people do, not just changing what they know

  • Realizes maximum value from the application, by investing in desired outcomes, not every exhaustive outcome

  • Employs strategies based on the science of how people learn

  • Maximizes learn-by-doing, minimizes teach-by-telling

Our customized offerings are designed to meet you where you are in your Veeva journey.


Professional Support

Premium Support

Enterprise Support   

What it is

Targeted learning solutions that boost productivity within one or a small set of applications

Larger scale support to drive productivity in Veeva commercial functions

Full scale Veeva productivity enablement

An example

Veeva Vault PromoMats Training & Change Management

Veeva Multichannel CRM New Hire Training & Sustainment

Embedded & On-Demand
Veeva Success Team

This might be a good fit for you if…

You are looking for a smaller scope of targeted, quick results

You are tired of quick fixes and need to take the step toward broadly aligned productivity gains

You are ready to work with an expert partner that has productivity as its core competency, and maximize return on your Veeva investment

So how does Eagle 360 maximize ROI on your Veeva investment?